15 September 2021

Exclusive sales partner for the veterinary sector in Germany and the Czech Republic:

MD Innovation Tech GmbH, Arzberg

The German company MD Innovation Tech GmbH, based in Arzberg, focuses on the sale of high technology for medical research and clinic for both human and veterinary medicine. The particular strength of this company lies in the market introduction of innovative medical technology. MD employs 10 highly qualified sales experts with profound knowledge (medicine, physics, technology), who maintain contact with research institutes, universities as well as clinics.

MD Innovation Tech GmbH will exclusively sell the device lines of ActivCell Group AG for veterinary medicine in Germany and the Czech Republic from September 2021.

2 September 2021

ActivCell Group AG at the 35th International Wound Management Congress organized by the Akademie ZWM in Salzburg

35. Internationaler Wundmanagement Kongress in Salszburg vom 9.-11.9.2021

The Akademie-ZWM® AG is an independent advisory and training institution in the field of wound treatment and a pioneer in education and training in wound management.

The goal of the Akademie ZWM is to educate and advise nursing staff and doctors, and also to make the general public aware of the possibilities of active and preventive measures in wound treatment through informative events and continuous training.

ActivCell Group AG will participate as an industry partner in the 35th International Wound Management Congress organized by the Academy ZWM® from 9-11 September 2021 in Salzburg.

1 September 2021

Dr med. vet. Dipl. ACVD & EBVS® Claudia Nett, joins the Veterinary Advisory Board

Claudia Nett

Dr Claudia Nett holds the internationally recognised specialist titles of the American (ACVD) and the European College of Veterinary Dermatology (ESVD). The founder and owner of – Dermatology and allergology for animals works as a specialised veterinary surgeon for the Ennetseeklinik in Hünenberg and in the small animal practice Schwäntenmos in Zumikon. Claudia Nett speaks regularly at national and international congresses. She is President of the Swiss Association of Small Animal Medicine (SVK) and Founding President and Vice President of the Swiss Association of Veterinary Dermatology (SAVD) and Past President of the European Society of Veterinary Dermatology (ESVD).

Curriculum Dr Claudia Nett (PDF)

Dr Claudia Nett has joined the Veterinary Advisory Board as of August 2021, replacing Dr Silvia Rüfenacht. In addition to her extensive expert knowledge, she brings several years of practical experience with cold plasma therapy in small animal dermatology. With her activities on the boards of national and international professional associations, Dr Nett facilitates contact with important personalities from research and clinical practice. With this collaboration, the ActivCell Group is taking another important step towards becoming a ‘Swiss centre of excellence for plasma medicine’. Dr Silvia Rüfenacht will continue to work with ActivCell on research into the possible uses of cold plasma in veterinary dermatology.

6 July 2021

New case studies from veterinary medicine


Numerous studies from human medicine prove the evidence of cold plasma therapy. Comparable treatment successes can also be expected in veterinary medicine. It is important for veterinarians and therapists to know for which indications plasma is a promising therapy option to treat animals. Since extensive clinical studies take time, case studies can be informative in advance. ActivCell documents feedback from the clinic and makes information available to the professional community. Feedback from specialists is particularly important.

Astonishing are cases from the equine clinic of Mrs Verena Bracher, PhD, Dr. med. vet. (Member of Veterinary Advisory Board, ActivCell) which show how cold plasma therapy as the ‘last resort’ can heal. There is the case of a foal with therapy-resistant purulent bursitis at the hock joint, which did not want to heal even after two surgical inter­ventions and antibiotic therapy. A total loss of the valuable foal was threatened until the EquCellpen® came into use.

More case studies are available here:

EquCellpen® case studies (in German, PDF)
PetCellpen® case studies (in German, PDF)

14  May 2021

A breath of fresh air in the veterinary practice – cold plasma therapy using the PetCellpen® live on camera

(film in German)

ActivCell Group AG presents its informative application film on the use of the PetCellpen® in small animal practice, which was launched on the occasion of the virtual 8th Swiss Veterinary Days at the beginning of May 2021. It is now also available on the website.

The film clearly describes the properties and mode of action of cold plasma. Experts explain the fundamental mechanisms of action of cold plasma therapy.

Veterinarians have their say and show how the treatment is carried out and how their animal patients react to it.

For them, the PetCellpen® has become an indispensable part of their daily practice and Dr. med. vet. Nadja Iveta Meier sums up her experience with the words: “I think it’s absolutely phenomenal”.

21  April 2021

Daniele Scarabello: new Manager
Finance & Administration

After completing his basic education as a polytechnician, Daniele Scarabello graduated as an industrial engineer. He has been working for a start-up company since 2015, initially in production and logistics and for the last 3 ½ years as Head of Finance, Administration & HR. He is also a member of the Executive Committee and Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In February 2021, Daniele Scarabello started a two-year master’s program in international management.

He has practical experience in Accounting & Controlling as well as in process optimization and logistics. In addition, he has completed a quality certification according to ISO 9001:2015. He is business fluent in German, English, French and Italian.

On April 1, 2021, Daniele Scarabello started at ActivCell Group AG as Manager Finance and Administration and will actively support the further development of the company.

6  April 2021

ActivCell Group AG becomes a member of the National Center of Plasma Medicine in Germany

Natrionales Zentrum für Plasmamedizin

The National Center for Plasma Medicine e.V. (NZPM) promotes research and development in the various fields of application of cold plasma therapy in Germany and beyond national borders.

With its commitment to the science-based development of this form of therapy in wound treatment as well as in other application areas, the ActivCell Group AG contributes to the spread and increasing implementation of plasma medicine as a therapeutic option in medical practice and has therefore joined the NZPM.

On March 26, 2021, ActivCell Group AG was welcomed as a member by the board of the NZPM and accepted into the association.

3  March 2021

Design protection for the devices of the ActivCell Group AG in Switzerland

Ladder to the goal

ActivCell Group AG has reached another milestone: The design of the Cellpen series has been entered in the design register by the Swiss Federal Institute for Intellectual Property.

The entry in the Designs CH register was published on February 26, 2021 with the number 145798. The inclusion in the register demonstrates that the devices of the ActivCell Group are significantly different from existing designs.

15 October 2020

CH market launch of PetCellpen® and relaunch of EquCellpen® completed

The two cold plasma therapy devices for veterinary medicine are now available through the exclusive distribution partner for Switzerland: Medical Solution GmbH in Wil SG is a renowned contact and supplier of medical technology for veterinary companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and is known for its good service. The ActivCell Group AG team supports Medical Solution GmbH with its expertise in providing advice and information on all aspects of plasma medicine for veterinary professionals.

25 September 2020

ActivCellpen® and EquCellpen® tested as a medical plasma source according to DIN SPEC 91315.

INP View, Foto: INP

DIN SPEC 91315 defines how the general requirements for medical plasma sources are to be tested. The ActivCellpen® and EquCellpen® have successfully passed all the prescribed chemical, physical and biological tests at the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Research and Technology e.V. (INP). The properties of the cold plasma produced were determined by the testing institute; in particular its antiseptic effect was confirmed.

14 August 2020

ActivCell AG becomes ActivCell Group AG

Various business units operate under the umbrella of the ActivCell Group, serving very different markets. It is preferable to separate the human medicine and the veterinary medicine sectors in the future due to their very different market demands and growth scenarios. Therefore, at the 5th Annual General Meeting of ActivCell AG, it was decided to change the name of the company to ActivCell Group AG. With this decision, the shareholders are supporting the Board of Directors’ progressive growth strategy.

1 August 2020

New to the team: Dr Andrea Preuss, Head of Medical Division and Member of the Executive Board

Andrea Preuss holds a doctorate in microbiology and has worked in various industry sectors during her professional career. After starting her career at Degussa as head of a microbiology laboratory, she worked for eight years in various roles at Ciba (now BASF), most recently building up the Medical Device Materials business unit there. This was followed by positions in the medical device industry, in infection control product development at B. Braun in Sempach and as Product Manager in the Medical Division of Borer Chemie in Zuchwil. For the last eight years, Dr Preuss worked at Lonza, first as Global Marketing Manager Healthcare and later as Head Global Marketing Hygiene/Disinfection. Most recently, she led a business development project there in the area of infection prevention.

29 May 2020

Competent and well-connected: the newly formed Veterinary Advisory Board

The members of ActiveCell Group AG’s Advisory Board have a broad knowledge and many years of practical experience in veterinary medicine.
With Dr Verena Denise Bracher, Dr Silvia Rüfenacht, Prof. Adrian Steiner, Dr FHV Heinz Willi Burkhardt und Dr Michael Hiestand, universities, hospitals and practices are equally represented.
Our focus areas of dermatology, bovine medicine (buiatrics), small animal and equine medicine are very well represented by the members of the Advisory Board.

9  March 2020

New to the team: Ursula Meier, Internal Sales and Admin

Ursula Meier is a qualified businesswoman with additional training in accounting and IT support. She has many years of experience in finance and controlling, IT support and administration in clinical environments. As an active horse owner, she has also attended additional training in horse husbandry, training and therapy. Ursula Meier speaks German, French, English and Italian.

1  March 2020

New CEO: Thomas Fünfschilling

Thomas Fünfschilling

Thomas Fünfschilling holds a degree in industrial engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and has over 15 years of experience in international marketing and sales at the management level in well-known industrial companies. He has a track record in strategy development and implementation, business development, the solutions business, project business and change management. He is the co-founder and owner of a medical technology start-up founded in 2018.

1  February 2020

New second branch in Lenzburg

Since the beginning of 2020, ActivCell AG has had a new branch at Wolfsackerstrasse 49 in Lenzburg. Workstations and meeting rooms are available there.